So Fresh Deodorizing Coat Spritz

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Maybe your least favorite aunt with the sensitive nose is stopping by for lunch, or you're taking your best friend for along on a shopping trip. Whatever the occasion, it happens to the best of us. We're between baths, when suddenly we realize we could use a little freshening up. With organic white willow bark and tea tree oil, a quick spritz of our So Fresh Deodorizing Spray will leave your best friend fresh as a daisy. Great for dog beds, too.

Available in unscented, citrus, vanilla, blueberry, mint, and coconut. Out of the bottle, you pick up most strongly the scent of the tea tree oil. It does it's job help reduce oder and then fades away, leaving behind a hint of bright citrus, blueberry, or whatever scent you chose, or nothing at all, if you go with unscented.

Ingredients: aloe vera leaf juice, phenoxyethanol, witch hazel distillate, white willow bark extract, tea tree leaf oil, polysorbate 20, alcohol, tetrasodium glutamate, dictate, citric acid