Nose to Toes Serum

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Your dog's paw pads are the shock absorbers for its whole body, cushioning joints when there are balls to be chased, couches to be jumped off of, or they hear their dinner hit the bowl. Modern living takes its toll, but our serum featuring the one-two punch of hyaluronic acid and glycerin soothes, moisturizes, and heals by drawing moisture to the skin while hemp and castor oil increase suppleness. Use alone or add paw wax for the full spa treatment.

This amazing serum doesn't stop with paw pads. Use it on ear tips, dry noses or elbows, or any other trouble spot to help soothe and comfort. There's no other canine skin remedy on the market like it! Nontoxic and long lasting.  A little goes a long way, this bottle is going to last and last.

Ingredients: aqua, vegetale glycerin, hemp oil, castor oil, vegetable derived hyalurnic acid, Optiphen Plus (preservative)