Already Making Changes

4th Aug 2022

Way back when I first started putting this business together, finding a cosmetic chemist to help develop formulas and hiring a business advisor, I had intended to apply all the profits to dog aid. My business manager told me no, that was too much. I should do 10%. We ended up compromising on 25%, but it's never sat right with me.

My goal for this business isn't world domination of the canine coat care market, it's to do good things by offering the highest quality products, hopefully enticing people to come back for more, so that we can help dogs who need a hand.

So, I've decide to go back to my original idea. All net profits, 100% of them, will go to dogs in need. There. That feels so much better!  Tug and Whimsy, two of my rescues (dogs I actually rescued from bad situations, not purchased from a rescue organizations) would agree that it's how things should be.